Friday, September 25, 2009

NCCU Freshmen: The NC State Fair is Coming! Plan to Attend - You'll Be "Happy" You Did....

NCCU Freshmen, and other Eagles!

This is Brian from the NCCU Orientation and First-Year Experience office with a special post to the NCCU First-Year Blog. As a native of the Triangle area, I grew up going to the North Carolina State Fair every year. And I mean every year. I've been saving my pennies this summer eagerly awaiting the fall to arrive and the smell of corn dogs and deep-fried everything to fill the air once again. Now, here at NCCU, we have students from NC, New York, Maryland, Bermuda, and a ton of other locations throughout the states and the world. But, I'm here to say that no matter whether you're a new or old "North Carolinian," you must experience the timeless tradition of the North Carolina State Fair!

The NC State Fair '09 is coming on October 15-25, and boy am I "happy?" Sure, during your first year of college, you fear the infamous "freshman 15." But, next month, when October 15 comes around, take some time to attend the State Fair and chow down. I remember the first time I tried the deep-friend Snickers bar. Wow. It will definitely make your taste buds "A Whole Lotta Happy!" Just make sure to prepare to visit the fitness center in the NCCU Walker Complex a few extra times in October to make up for all the funnel cakes and fudge.

Growing up, I'm not sure why, but my favorite part about the NC State Fair were the pig races. I always wanted to watch them 3-4 times per day. Each pig had a number 1-4, and the audience sat in a section labeled with each of the numbers. To a young child, it was so exciting to see four pigs racing around a track while hundreds of people cheer them on! Whatever yummy treat they place at the end of that track, the pigs MUST LOVE IT. Betcha it's a deep-fried oreo (haven't tried those yet; but I think 2009 is the time).

Nowadays, my favorite part of the NC State Fair is playing the games on the Midway with my wife. She's super-competitive, which I love, and it's always fun for us to spend dollar after dollar competing with each other for stuffed animals that our dogs later tear to pieces. I'll never forget the day we got home from work, and Kermit was missing his legs. Tragic.

The part of the Fair that I've never attended is a Dorton Arena show. This year's shows sound like a lot of fun. In particular, I am a self-admitted American Idol fan. I also grew up in Chapel Hill, and went to the same high school as one of this year's performers, Anoop Desai (although I'm way older and don't know him personally). $5 to see him perform? Man, that's a deal! (My personal favorite contestant from American Idol, season 8, was Allison though. Sorry Anoop, you're still my "dawg," as Randy Jackson would say.)

The reason for this blog is that the NC State Fair makes me "happy." It's a NC tradition. And it exhibits everything that is great about the state of North Carolina. Where else can you go through a haunted mansion, eat a deep fried candy bar, learn about North Carolina agriculture, and also help the state's hunger-relief cause all in one day? Nowhere other than the NC State Fair.

I hope that all NCCU students will take some time to experience the State Fair this year. Always make sure to be safe and travel with a group of friends. And just be sure to make it an educational experience. Sure, you must try a taste of those deep-friend Snickers (pictured above; makes your stomach happy, huh?). But also embrace your time at the State Fair as a way to learn about all the great state of North Carolina has to offer. Trust me, even if the pig races and Midway games aren't your favorite things, there will be something at the 2009 NC State Fair to make you "A Whole Lotta Happy!"

If chosen as the 2009 Deep Friend Ambassador, the NCCU Office of Orientation and First-Year Experience will search the campus for an NCCU student who has never experienced the NC State fair before. How great would it be for one of our awesome new Eagles to blog about the Fair on our NCCU First-Year Blogging site?!?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

NCCU vs. Duke Football this weekend! It's the Bull City Gridiron Classic....

Attention NCCU Students....It's going to be a great weekend to celebrate NCCU Athletics and experience the magic of Durham. Make sure to take advantage of the festivities!

"The "Bull City Gridiron Classic" features North Carolina Central University and Duke University in a historic first-ever football meeting between the Durham neighbors. The event also doubles as Duke's Homecoming game."

"In addition to the game and a Thursday pep rally at the Durham Athletic Park, numerous other events -- including a Habitat project involving Duke and NCCU students, basketball clinics led by former Duke All-American Jay Williams and pre-game festivities outside Wallace Wade Stadium -- will bring Durhamites together both on campus and in the community."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NCCU First-Year Blogger of the Week: Amarachi

As a freshman at North Carolina Central University, Amarachi has immersed herself into campus life within the first month of her undergraduate career.

Writing for the Campus Echo newspaper, she's already been published three times. In addition, she's participated in service projects like the NCCU "Make a Difference Day" while also taking the time to attend educational programs on campus outside of the classroom.

Her blog, FierceEagleDiva, covers it all....from academics, to extracurriculars, to her political inspirations, Amarachi has definitely settled well into the Eagle's nest.

In her latest blog post, Amarachi wrote: "I still need to be more active in inspiring teens to not only be involved in the national political arena, but also local/regional political affairs. The service we do now in our youth will only contribute to the prosperity of our lives and our nation when we are adults. . .we are truly the future."

She's destined to do big things at NCCU....

Click here to visit Amarachi's Blog!

Friday, September 18, 2009


NCCU Family Weekend started off with a bang today! Over 100 parents and family members participated completed "Early Check-In" and received their packet for the weekend. Over 400 more family members are expected for tomorrow.

Today's activities included the famous "Fish Friday," Family Recreation Night in the Walker Complex, and parents also had a chance to hear lectures from NCCU faculty members about how to support their students' success [pictured below].

Saturday's activities feature a breakfast in WG Pearson Cafeteria, the first Parents and Family Association Meeting of the academic year, NCCU Football vs. Morehead State University, and the Legacy Talent Showcase.

Sunday, acclaimed author and actor Hill Harper will be speaking to students and families in B.N. Duke Auditorium at 12 Noon.

It's going to be an engaging and fun-filled weekend for our students and families!

To see the full schedule for NCCU Family Weekend 2009, click here.

Friday, September 11, 2009

NCCU First-Year Blogger Training featuring Ginny Skalski from NBC-17

You think blogging is easy? Wrong. There are many tricks to creating an engaging blog that people actually read.

Today, our NCCU First-Year Bloggers heard from the Community Content Manager (ie: professional blogger) from the local NBC-17 news station. Her name is Ginny Skalski (pictured to the right with our bloggers), and she knows her stuff.

Ginny shared best practices for creating, designing, and marketing one's blog. She also stressed the importance that blogging can have on the local community and the world. Thanks to Ginny for taking the time to visit with us today!

Check out Ginny's blogs here:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

NCCU First-Year Blogger of the Week: Sonya

NCCU Class of 2013
Hometown: Gastonia, NC
Major: Political Science

She calls her blog, "The Greatest Eagle." A freshman at NCCU, Sonya has almost been at NCCU for a month now. She's experienced her first "all-nighter" and is learning what it will take to maintain her goal of a 3.5 GPA. In addition, due to an increased freshman enrollment, her room assignment was changed during the first few weeks of the semester. Click here to read Sonya's blog and learn why Sonya believes she will be "The Greatest Eagle."

To read all NCCU First Year Blogs, click here.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

NCCU "Make A Difference Day" - Saturday, September 12, 2009

NCCU students, faculty, staff, and community members are invited to participate in a community clean-up event from 8 a.m. - Noon on Saturday, September 12!

Register by clicking here.


What is the goal of NCCU Make a Difference Day?
Make a Difference Day is an initiative established by NCCU Chancellor Nelms to bring the community together. This event is a service learning opportunity for NCCU and the surrounding community to work towards a greener environment.

What would volunteers do?
After checking in, volunteers will be divided into groups to begin beautifying the community. Participants will be picking up litter, painting, and planting. The only equipment required is weather-appropriate clothing.

What if I'm not an NCCU student?
Everyone is welcome to participate, as our primary goal is to increase community volunteer involvement.

When and where will Make a Difference Day be held?
Make a Difference Day will take place on Saturday, September 12. Volunteers will meet at 8 a.m. in B.N. Duke Auditorium and will head out to their respective service sites from 8:30 a.m. to 12 Noon.

Print a flyer for your office or residence hall today by clicking here!