Thursday, April 30, 2009

End of the Semester LaTeisha Harris

Name: LaTeisha Harris

Hometown: New Rochelle, NY

Current Place of Residence: Charlotte, NC

Major: Business Administration, concentration in finance

My name is LaTeisha Harris, and I am a current freshman at North Carolina Central University (NCCU). To pass my time I like to shop, travel, workout, and spend time with my family. When I chose to attend NCCU I thought mainly about the learning environment. I felt that since NCCU did not have large classroom and the teachers could concentrate on the students more than at a larger campus. Now that the academic year is over, I see that NCCU was a good choice for me. However, now that the semester is over, I do see some bits and pieces that I could have changed.

There are also a lot of things that I would tell incoming freshmen about college life. Some things that I would tell all incoming freshmen are to get involved with the different activities that are here on campus. Getting involved opens more opportunities and it increase your networking skills. When you attend and join different activities on or off campus, you meet people for different places, and you can learn more about their surroundings. One of the many events that I enjoyed this school year was Spring Fling Week. During Spring Fling Week there are a large number of activities that allow you to interact with this campus. NCCU has a lot of fun things to offer even by the time that activity is over, you will see much knowledge and fun you have.

Overall my experience at NCCU has been good. The main thing that I had to focus on was to find study habits that work for me and what activities fit into my life. My semester went by fast and the classes I had were not too difficult. Second semester was much harder than first semester, and at one point I though could not make it. But once I started to concentrate and managed my time better, every thing worked out fine.

College is the beginning of your new life. As long as you do not give up, anything is possible.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Guide to Enrollment: Save the "Little Book" today!

Attention, New Eagle Students!

Download and save "The Little Book" today!
It includes a "cliff notes" version of the steps you take
to confirm your enrollment at NCCU.

Click on the image below to access it today!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meet Your Eagle CORE Orientation Leaders....

During the Eagle Institute Orientation this summer, you will meet our C.O.R.E. orientation leaders.

They are established NCCU students who will provide guidance to help you transition into the college environment. Meet them below!

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Life-Changing Experience by Titania Fisher....

I remember attending the new student orientation and hearing the words “Community Service?!” The words that came out of my mouth were, “Lord, Jesus. Why? What was the purpose of this?” I couldn’t understand why I had to commit to volunteering my services….

I’m a strong believer in everything happens for a reason. After trying to find a place to volunteer for a while, I called a shelter in Raleigh that was listed with the Academic Community Service Learning office. I spoke with a gentleman by the name of Dwight who stated he still needed help in the kitchen. “How hard could working in the kitchen be?” I thought to myself. Little did I know this would be a life changing experience for me….

I started my community service the next day. When I arrived at the shelter, the kitchen staff introduced themselves and didn’t waste anytime with putting me to work. My title for the day would be line server. Dwight showed me how much food to put on each tray, and after that it was show time. When the doors to the kitchen opened, I could see a long line of men waiting for dinner to be served. I studied each face that walked through the door. To me these were not faces of strangers. But in these men I could see my father, grandfather, brother, uncle, the guy sitting next to me in class, my pastor, and I could go on and on. These weren’t just men that suffered from mental illness, alcohol abuse, or drug attics. These were men that you may come in contact with every day that at one point had every thing going for them and at the snap of a finger lost it all.

I had the pleasure to talk with a gentleman who told me his story of how once he lost his job. It was like a domino effect and every thing went down hill form there. After sharing his story, he wanted to know what brought me to the shelter. I told him I was a student at NCCU, and I had to complete community service hours. He then offered me words of encouragement....He told me to make finishing school my first priority. He also encouraged me to stay focused, and if I should fall off track, to make sure I get back on.

At that moment I finally got it….The light came on. I realized how blessed I really am. As we go through our day-to-day lives, we forget others who are less fortunate. This day provided me the opportunity to reflect on the values that my parents and NCCU have instilled in me.

Titania Fisher,
NCCU Student