Monday, December 29, 2008

Special Message to the spring 2009 incoming class - Advice from NCCU freshman, Jessica Williams!

Name: Jessica Williams

Hometown: Tarboro, NC

Favorite candy: Snickers

Reason for attending NCCU: I attended NCCU because it was one of the schools that had my major, it was close to home, and it was a lot cheaper than other schools

One thing I wish I knew as a freshman: I wish I knew about the many activities that you could get involved in.

Advice to Incoming Freshmen:

HEY, FUTURE EAGLES! My name is Jessica Williams and I am a sophomore at NCCU majoring in Athletic Training. As of right now I am only part of the Physical Education and Recreational Majors Association (PERMA) but I am planning to join many other organizations

My advice to freshman is don’t get sidetracked by other things. It is so easy to forget the real reason you came to college. I had to learn from experience. My first semester here I thought college was just a place to get away from home and have fun. College is indeed fun but I lost track of what college was for and that showed up in my grades. Right now my main focus is to get my GPA up since I started off on the wrong foot.

My second piece of advice would be to attend the Orientation. The orientation was very helpful and you also meet new people and get a chance to feel for campus life. They showed me what buildings all my classes would be in and they give you a tour of the University. I hope you enjoy your college experience, and remember to GET INVOLVED!!

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Have a great holiday season!

The Freshman Blog will be on Winter Break until January 2009!

Until then....Happy holidays and see you next year for the spring semester!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Exams are Over! Meet NCCU Freshman, CJ Morgan....

Name: Clifton "C.J" Morgan

Kinston, N.C

Favorite Candy:

Why did I choose to attend NCCU?
I chose to come to NCCU because of their well-known Criminal Justice department.

One thing I wish I knew before beginning college? I wish I knew about most, if not all, of the different organizations that are here on campus.

"Exam Week!! The fact of knowing that the semester is almost over, and that you have finally completed your first year of college can make it a little hard for you come exam week. Like everything, you get to the last little bit, and you can start to see that the end is near and lose concentration. But try not to let that happen, because if you do the road is going to seem even longer.

This semester was my first in college, and like they say it's the hardest too, because you're trying to deal with the transition from being secured at home to having freedom without supervision. For me, I had homework to do, but I chose to put it off till the last minute which wasn't such a great choice because everything started to pile up on me at the end. The best advice is: Don't lose focus on your purpose for being here. Stay in the books, stay on your grades, and be prepared for your exams, so you can finish out your first year on top!"
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Monday, December 8, 2008

End of the Semester....Exam Time! Hear about it from NCCU Freshman, Olivia Scott

The time has come for the freshmen class of 2012 to experience their first college finals. This week will be filled with anxiety and stress. The transition from high school to college exam week is extremely different.

In college I have already experienced procrastination and staying up all night. After my first day of exams, I am tired from waiting until the last minute to study and being up until 6 am.

Take the tips that are given to you to prepare yourself to the highest extent for your exams. Even though I waited to the last minute I made an A on the final though!!!

With Eagle Pride,
Olivia Scott

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Meet James Poteat, NCCU Sophomore and Non-Traditional Student

Name: John Poteat

Hometown: Durham by way of Yanceyville NC

Favorite Candy: M&M’s

Reason for attending NCCU: Close to home, great programs, and more "bang for your buck"

One thing that all freshman should know:
Finish as soon as possible because the longer you wait the harder it is to finish.

Advice to NCCU Freshmen from James:

"I’m an older student returning to school after a long hiatus. I was a student back in the early 80’s and being away from home was such a thrill that I though being in college was all fun and games. I thought that school was just one big party.

Well, I felt that way until I got my first round of grades. At that point I decided to buckle down and study, stop hanging out. Too bad, no one told the crew that I was hanging out with that they should do the same. When I was trying to study, people would always come by my room and suddenly I would have something better to do. By the way there is always time to study, right??? That study time that I gave up to party, watch a movie or just listen to music was gone for ever and it was replaced with cramming for test or exams.

Now, I’m in the working world trying to find the time to fit school in my schedule. I did get enough credits during my very brief stint in college to return to school classified somewhere between a sophomore and a junior, but if I had known just a few basic rules during my first go around I would be working on my masters or even my doctorate.

I am not saying that my life was or is a complete failure, but I have made it as about as far as I can without the proper credentials. So, now I could possibly be one of the oldest sophomores at NCCU. Now, instead of distractions such as, hanging out with friends or wasting my money, I have a full time job and a family that I have to take seriously as well as school. If you think you got it hard now, just think of all of the non-traditional students that attend this great university, that have exams, papers due, and office deadlines due the same week or that school play and that lecture that you must attend, on the same night.

What you have to balance in your life is miniscule compared to what you could face in the future if you take your eye off the ball."

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Advice from Sophomore, Audrey Barbee....

Name: Audrey Dionna Barbee

Hometown: Durham, NC

Favorite Candy: Jolly Rancher Hard Candy

Reason she attended NCCU: I chose to attend NCCU because it was close to home and I love the marching band. It also provided me with a lot of opportunities with research and programs within my major.

One thing she wishes she knew as a freshman:
One thing I wish I knew before coming to NCCU was where I could get stuff done at. For example, the Eagle Card Office being in the Biology building instead of somewhere like the Student Union or the Hoey building. I would have just liked to know where I could go and get things done.

A Bit of Advice from Audrey to NCCU Freshmen:

"Hello All!
I'm Audrey Barbee and I am a sophomore Biology Major. I'm involved in a lot of things on campus, including being an Alto Saxophonist in the Marching and Symphonic band, and a member of Student Government Association, Pre professional Health Society, Health Careers Club, Phi Eta Sigma, and Golden Key National Honor Society.

Some pieces of advice about school is that it's SO easy to get focused on things other than your school work. Just keep your eyes on the prize. Get involved on campus because that's what schools look for if you want another degree, but get a feel for college first. Keep track of all things; meetings, homework assignments, projects, study time, they are very important! You ALWAYS must remember what you are in college for.

The residence halls can be really fun because you make a lot of friends and you get to share the hallway, a common shower, bathroom, and a room! It may not seem so fun when you are in the moment, but when you look back at it, those are the memories you remember and love so much. Enjoy your college experience and do your best!"

Audrey Barbee
Sophomore Biology Major
Class of 2011

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NCCU Freshmen and Sophomores Ready to LEAD!

Nine NCCU freshmen and sophomore students were selected to attend the LEAD Conference in February 2009 at Meredith College.

LEAD stands for Learn, Explore, Accomplish, and Discover. This is an annual conference hosted at a college or university in North Carolina and is sponsored by the North Carolina College Personnel Association (NCCPA).

In the coming months, as the students prepare for the conference, you will find blog posts about their experience preparing for the conference as well as their individual experiences with life as NCCU students.

LEAD students are pictured below.
Bottom Row (left to right): Olivia Scott, Kimisha Falls, Audrey Barbee, Julie King
Middle Row: Melony Oehieng, Clifton Morgan
Top Row: Brandon Hendrick, Jamal Cuthbertson, Adam Hendrick

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Meet OIivia Monique Scott, NCCU Freshman

Hometown: Woodleaf, North Carolina

Favorite Candy:
Hershey Chocolate Bar

Why She Came to NCCU:
The pre-law program offered through the Political Science Department

One thing she didn't know before her freshman year:
That it is required to take a fitness class before graduating


My name is Olivia Scott, and I helped out with the Open House on November 22--it was a great experience. The prospective students were eager to learn new information that was provided from each department. I was really happy to meet the out of state participants.

As a freshmen I was able to present my own experiences so far at North Carolina Central as well and give information that the Office of Orientation and First Year Experience had to offer. I'm wishing everyone that attended open house the best of luck and I anticipate that you will be attending North Carolina Central University!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The NCCU Freshman Year

Welcome to the NCCU Freshman Year Blog!

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