Monday, November 24, 2008

Meet OIivia Monique Scott, NCCU Freshman

Hometown: Woodleaf, North Carolina

Favorite Candy:
Hershey Chocolate Bar

Why She Came to NCCU:
The pre-law program offered through the Political Science Department

One thing she didn't know before her freshman year:
That it is required to take a fitness class before graduating


My name is Olivia Scott, and I helped out with the Open House on November 22--it was a great experience. The prospective students were eager to learn new information that was provided from each department. I was really happy to meet the out of state participants.

As a freshmen I was able to present my own experiences so far at North Carolina Central as well and give information that the Office of Orientation and First Year Experience had to offer. I'm wishing everyone that attended open house the best of luck and I anticipate that you will be attending North Carolina Central University!

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