Friday, December 12, 2008

Exams are Over! Meet NCCU Freshman, CJ Morgan....

Name: Clifton "C.J" Morgan

Kinston, N.C

Favorite Candy:

Why did I choose to attend NCCU?
I chose to come to NCCU because of their well-known Criminal Justice department.

One thing I wish I knew before beginning college? I wish I knew about most, if not all, of the different organizations that are here on campus.

"Exam Week!! The fact of knowing that the semester is almost over, and that you have finally completed your first year of college can make it a little hard for you come exam week. Like everything, you get to the last little bit, and you can start to see that the end is near and lose concentration. But try not to let that happen, because if you do the road is going to seem even longer.

This semester was my first in college, and like they say it's the hardest too, because you're trying to deal with the transition from being secured at home to having freedom without supervision. For me, I had homework to do, but I chose to put it off till the last minute which wasn't such a great choice because everything started to pile up on me at the end. The best advice is: Don't lose focus on your purpose for being here. Stay in the books, stay on your grades, and be prepared for your exams, so you can finish out your first year on top!"
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