Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Meet James Poteat, NCCU Sophomore and Non-Traditional Student

Name: John Poteat

Hometown: Durham by way of Yanceyville NC

Favorite Candy: M&M’s

Reason for attending NCCU: Close to home, great programs, and more "bang for your buck"

One thing that all freshman should know:
Finish as soon as possible because the longer you wait the harder it is to finish.

Advice to NCCU Freshmen from James:

"I’m an older student returning to school after a long hiatus. I was a student back in the early 80’s and being away from home was such a thrill that I though being in college was all fun and games. I thought that school was just one big party.

Well, I felt that way until I got my first round of grades. At that point I decided to buckle down and study, stop hanging out. Too bad, no one told the crew that I was hanging out with that they should do the same. When I was trying to study, people would always come by my room and suddenly I would have something better to do. By the way there is always time to study, right??? That study time that I gave up to party, watch a movie or just listen to music was gone for ever and it was replaced with cramming for test or exams.

Now, I’m in the working world trying to find the time to fit school in my schedule. I did get enough credits during my very brief stint in college to return to school classified somewhere between a sophomore and a junior, but if I had known just a few basic rules during my first go around I would be working on my masters or even my doctorate.

I am not saying that my life was or is a complete failure, but I have made it as about as far as I can without the proper credentials. So, now I could possibly be one of the oldest sophomores at NCCU. Now, instead of distractions such as, hanging out with friends or wasting my money, I have a full time job and a family that I have to take seriously as well as school. If you think you got it hard now, just think of all of the non-traditional students that attend this great university, that have exams, papers due, and office deadlines due the same week or that school play and that lecture that you must attend, on the same night.

What you have to balance in your life is miniscule compared to what you could face in the future if you take your eye off the ball."

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