Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Changes Coming Soon to the NCCU First-Year Blog!!

Beginning the week of August 31, 2009, you will see some exciting changes to the NCCU First-Year Blog!

First change....This blog will now be maintained 100% by the Office of Orientation and First-Year Experience. So, throughout the year, the "NCCU First-Year Blog" will contain valuable resources, announcements, and information about being or becoming a first-year student at NCCU.

Also, featured on the Orientation website, you will find links to individual NCCU freshmen blogs (some of them are featured to the right!). This will give you a detailed and intriguing look into what the true experience is like as a first-year student at NCCU.

We are extremely excited about this change, and we welcome all of our new bloggers.

Look for more information about Ciera, Ryan, Bridgett, Dana, Mariah, Gian, Ashley (both of them!), Candace, Sonya, Shanika, Amarachi, Katrina, Kelcey, and Ceslie coming soon here:


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