Monday, October 19, 2009

NCCU First-Year Blogger of the Week: ASHLEY

Ashley is awesome. She drives an '86 Chevrolet Truck (Custom Deluxe - see her first blog post). She made the NCCU track team. And she's definitely "Not Your Ordinary Barnyard Fowl"

As a freshman at NCCU, Ashley is learning a lot about time-management. She wrote, "My personal definition of time management is being able to manage your schedule wisely... For example, if you have a three page paper due for your English class; but heard about this party (everyone's supposedly going to) taking place at the Union. What would be the logical decision to make?"

Ashley calls her blog Not Your Ordinary Barnyard Fowl, and she's proving to be just that during her freshman year at NCCU.

Check out Ashley's First-Year Blog here:


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