Friday, January 16, 2009

Reflections on the Upcoming Inauguration of President Obama....

President-Elect Obama is pictured to the right when he visited NCCU on a campaign visit on 10/31/2007.

"Why Not?" - Melony Ochieng,
Freshman Pharmaceutical Science and Mathematics major

The questions "why?" and "why not?" have been running through my head ever since I noticed Obama.

Why would a black man even think about running for the elections this year?
"Why not!" I would argue with myself. When is a time ever better than now?
This argument has been with me through this entire process until "why not" won. "Why not?" is my new catch phrase because it opens doors for me to do anything. Why not be a double major in pharmaceutical science and math? These two are great combinations and the average degree does not cut in in the field that I am going into. Why not become a leader for myself and for my fellow students? It's never too early to teach others.

Why not become a follower? Since when did I proclaim myself as "all knowing." The question of "why?" to me now is just a hindrance to my personal development and to humanity. "Why not," I think is now what we all need to ask ourselves if we want to see marginal change in our lifetime.

So I am grateful for Barack Obama for what he has done and what he has inspire in us to do. I don't care if he does not change my life at a personal level anymore because he has given me enough to finish the job myself.

"My President" - Audrey Barbee, Sophomore Biology Major

This moment in history is the greatest moment in my life. Many people don't realize what is really happening. Our ancestors, whether you are black, white, female, Indian, male, or so on, fought, suffered, and sacrificed for me, the ones behind me, and before me. I am overwhelmed with pride, Integrity, and so many other emotions that I still have not taken it all in.

And to know that he took the time to come to North Carolina Central University and I was in the band playing for him! I am so grateful to be able to even experience this opportunity first hand and feel the air and aura of being in
Washington D.C. while the most historical event happens. I cried the moment I heard Barack Obama was president-elect. I knew my hard work was not in vain. I prayed for this and I'm honored to have Barack Obama as my president!

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