Friday, January 23, 2009

Meet NCCU Freshman, Donyarsha Goode!

Name: Donyarsha Goode

Hometown: Weldon, North Carolina

Favorite Candy: Pineapple Now and Laters

Why did you choose NCCU? This reason I choose NCCU was because I have always wanted to be an Eagle, the marching band is great, and the school was close to home and quite affordable.

What I wish I knew before starting college? I wish I would have know how to be more social. I spent much of my time in my room.

My Advice to Incoming freshmen:
Hello NEW EAGLES! My name is Donyarsha Goode and I’m a freshmen here at NCCU. My advice to you is to stay focused. All the things you hear about college life aren't true....

Yeah you have fun, but you also learn to become more independent. No one is going to constantly tell you do this and do that. You must take on some responsibility and remind yourself.

Oh, and be sure to buy an alarm clock because you're definitely going to need it!

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