Wednesday, February 4, 2009

NCCU Freshman, Karrehl Moore, tells more....

My Activities on Campus: Knowing that I am a freshman in college and life as an athlete goes, I have held back on playing baseball for a year at least until things started to settle down.

Now, I did try out for the baseball team early in the fall, but it was not working out too well considering the committment it takes to remain on the team. I had all morning classes, homework, and baseball practice every day in the afternoon right after my last class. Because of this constant running around I got no sleep whatsoever. I may be a late-night person and like to be up at night, but when I need sleep I must NEED it because my body just shuts down.

Baseball at the time was just not working for me even though I know I love baseball and wanted to play it badly. Soon enough I made the personal decision to put it aside and get my academics straight first. The whole point of my story is to learn what you can and can't do alone and with other things as well. It is beneficial for you to decide what you really desire to do.

For the college life there is plenty of activity for everyone to get involved in. You must take it upon yourself to find out your interests and get involved. Other than that, just relaxing and hanging with friends in the residence hall is fun enough... but don't hang too much and fall behind. Just set boundaries for yourself and your peers.

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